Japanese Culture Salon SAKURA

Experience Japanese culture at our salon everyday

On the second floor of our hotel, we have a Japanese Culture Salon “SAKURA”, where, as the name suggests, guests can experience Japanese culture, entertainment, and elements of lifestyle during their stay.


Our hotel staffs serve as instructors.


They will provide lectures on a variety of aspects of Japanese culture that we have been accustomed to since childhood, and are a deep-rooted part of their lives.


“SAKURA” is open every day. Please feel free to drop by. This is the beginning of the Japanese culture experience. We offer a variety of programs such as origami (paper-folding) and Japanese calligraphy.
In addition, on an irregular basis, we are also planning to offer Japanese Sake tasting events, and tours to experience the seasonal delights of Japan.


The Japanese Culture Salon SAKURA will provide a warm welcome to our guests who have selected our hotel for their stay in Japan.
We eagerly await your arrival.
Japanese Culture Salon SAKURA Schedule and Programs

Mar 2017 SAKURA schedule    Mar 2017 SAKURA programs

Apr 2017 SAKURA schedule    Apr 2017 SAKURA programs

May 2017 SAKURA schedule    May 2017 SAKURA programs


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