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【Japanese Culture Experience】 BON-Dancing & Summer Festival at Zojoji

EventNews May 09 2017

A participatory event in which hotel staff will guide guests to Zojoji, and enjoy Bon-Dancing and Summer Festival


At the event, hotel staff dressed in yukata will escort guests to Zojoji, and introduce the essence and the cultural background of Japanese summer festival. Guests participating will not only enjoy bon-dancing, but also assisted to enjoy the food stalls set up at Zojoji.


Don’t miss out on the excellent opportunity to experience Japanese culture firsthand!!


[Japanese Culture Experience]

BON-Dancing & Summer Festival at Zojoji

Date: to be informed later
Time: 6 p.m.   Meet at Lobby
Participation Fee: Free of charge
Registration: Reception
6:30 p.m. Depart for Zojoji → Join Bon-Dancing at Zojoji →
Enjoy shopping & eating at food stalls → 8 p.m. Event disbands at Zojoji

※Guests are responsible for their expense for food and drink at food stalls